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About Clash

Kennebunk Soccer Club (Clash) provides the opportunity for children of Kennebunk, Kennebunkport and Arundel to play in a fun filled, competitive travel soccer league! With boys and girls teams ranging from the U-9 to U-14 level. Your child will enjoy a truly rewarding soccer experience thanks to a passionate board of directors and dedicated parent/volunteer coaches. 


The Kennebunk Soccer Club is a not for profit (503-c) organization. Its coaches and board members receive no financial stipend for their work. KSC is a completely volunteer organization. Further, KSC operates at a deficit, which means that we charge each child a fee to play which is lower than our actual cost per player to field that team. We do this in order to keep our program as affordable as possible for all of our members. We also use need-based awards to further assist some families who would find the cost of our program to be a burden. Therefore it is critical that we have help in the community...


                                  How can you help KSC?


  1. Help us to locate or become a business sponsor.

  2. Assist us with one of our few fundraising events.

  3. Volunteer to help with one of our special board projects.

  4. Make a donation at the time of registration.


                                 Here's what KSC soccer entails:


  • KSC is a strong and committed community of soccer offering children of Kennebunk, Kennebunkport, and Arundel, ages 8 - 13 the opportunity to play soccer at a higher level.

  • We begin practices (two per week in early August).

  • Our first games are the last weekend of August.

  • Our teams play games primarily on Sunday afternoons. We often play two games on Sundays - sometimes with a break in between and sometimes as a straight double-header.

  • We may play an occasional Saturday game.

  • We play a tournament on Columbus Day weekend.

  • As part of Soccer Maine, each team ends the season with a tournament. For U-9 through U-11 it is a friendly tournament. And for U-12 and above it is competitive tournament play.

  • The Regular season generally consists of 10-12 games and the tournaments usually add another 6 to 8 games to the total.

  • We offer a multi-child discount where there is a $10.00 discount for each participating player after the first one. We are also able to offer some financial assistance for those who need it.


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