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Coaching Support

This page contains materials to help with coaching. 

We are working on having some videos put together for our Clash coaches (per our training with HS girls coach Wally Leblanc over the summer) . 


In the meantime, please keep in mind that Soccer Maine's coaching website does offer a number of resources ( for you to draw from including this resource linked at the bottom of the page:


In addition, knowing we want our kids to become very proficient and independent at participating in Rondos as much as possible, know that there are plenty of accessible videos online to support your coaching of them, including:  Finally, we have a number of seasoned coaches in our own ranks to provide support throughout the season should you need it. 

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Soccer Maine Resources

Soccer Maine has a number of resources to help coaches improve their game. See the bottom of the page for various useful resources, such as this play-practice-play training session example

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US Soccer Coaching Ed

Above is a link to the US Soccer Grassroots Coach Education PDF on the Play-Practice-Play Coaching Model. 

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YouTube Videos

The video linked above has some nice ideas for potential exercises to do with your team. 

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