Welcome Kennebunk, Kennebunkport, & Arundel families to Clash travel soccer!  There is a lot of information below so please review carefully and be sure to register upon receipt of this notice as the deadline to register is July 26th.   


Important Dates to Remember: 

·         Registration:  07/13/21 - 07/26/21 

·         Uniforms:  We are using the same uniforms from last year so you only need to order one if you are new to the program. If you are a returning player you may order a new one if you want; however, it's not required.


All Maine soccer clubs have an online registration system.   Please read the following directions carefully before proceeding with registration.  



To register your child you will need a lot of information.  It's easiest to gather that information before starting the online process.  You will need your child's: 


o       insurance information (including policy and group number) 

o       medical provider information 

o       emergency contact information 

o       credit card information (If you wish to pay by check, you will have to select that option, and mail your check to the Kennebunk Soccer Club per the instructions on the registration site.) 


If you leave the registration process without completing the payment information, your information will not be saved, so please follow each step from start to finish.  You may also want to print a registration form at the end of the registration process 


Player age requirements: 

·          a minimum of age 8 and no older than 13 years old as of August 1, 2021  

All players will have to submit: 

·            online registration 

·            payment option via credit card or check - see details in registration form

·            a copy of your child's birth certificate  (only upon specific request from KSC - we will be in touch with you directly if this is needed)



We are utilizing the same uniform vendor and style as the 2020 season.

If you are a NEW player, you must order a complete uniform set.


If you are a RETURNING player, you have the option to order a new uniform but it is not required so long as the player has the 2020 uniform set available to wear. It includes a blue jersey, a white jersey and one pair of blue shorts.  You can also order a la carte pieces as needed.

Click here to purchase a new uniform! 






Click this link to begin:      




There is a discount of $10 for each sibling in a family. Click on the discount during the online registration process if you are registering a second or third child.